the fluidity of expression, experimentation, growth & reinvention contribute to our ever-changing reflection of identity. many individuals in the lgbtqia+ community use their hair as a way to express themselves & their identity. the appeal of instant reinvention satisfies cravings for change, identity affirmation, & confidence. as a white latinx queer individual, i honor how hair is intimately tied to family, culture, politics, & many other aspects of someone other than their lgbtqia+ identity. in each photograph, my sitters take agency of their intersectional identities in the photographs we make together.
through conversation, we share experiences & develop trust & comfort with each other to produce images that are authentic to their experiences. with subtle connections to each other through spirituality, nature, colors & directive gaze, each person has unknowingly bonded with each other.
each sitter voluntarily gave me a part of their hair & in return, i created a piece of jewelry with their hair for them to wear. the jewelry becomes a collective reflection of our shared experiences. through collaboration with five people in the younger generation of the lgbtqia+ community, the work empowers their freedom of expression through their hair.
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